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Our cats Kitti & Lolitha were already in Australia and we were supposed to follow them very soon. Meanwhile we were offering foster home to two cats. On the left there is Posh, an automimmune cat, residents of MettaCats that needed extra care because of his illness. The little kitten on the right we found on the parking lot at Hougang.

On the 19th of November at about 11.30pm, Posh was transferred to the care of Timo and Nancy.

From: Timo
Sent: 19 November, 2002

Anthony brought Posh to us about 11.30 PM tonight. According to the original plan it should have happened yesterday but we couldn’t because our cats were still in our house. Finally they flew to Australia tonight starting at 8.30, ie. they will be landing very soon. Posh was meowing about 15 to 20 minutes then he ate (3 table spoonfuls of wet food) and drank some water from a plate and was about to use the litter box. I think we will have a very good time together He is so symphatic and friendly. We told him about our Kitty and Lolitha and their compassion to eating. Nancy told him how good Timo is in spoiling and fattening cats. So, we are happy he is with us these 10 days until we fly to Sydney to live with our cats.

From: Timo
Sent: 20 November, 2002

Posh is still doing well. He is eating a lot I think. He eats wet and dry Whiskas. He also drinks water too. His favourite place is in front of the bathroom door where he meows to beg for company. He likes to be patted and scratched. Looks he has ear mites. Can we treat it with Tomlyn Mitaplex-R (with rotemone)? We have it here at home used for our cats.

Later today you can see more pictures and updates on him athttp://www.sippala.net/timo/singapore/posh/

called  the quarantine station in Australia today. Our cats Kitty and Lolitha had arrived there. Pet Movers Sg took care of their travel arrangements. They were travelling in cargo No bedding was put in their cages so they arrived all wet of water and their own pee. Now they are better. They are lucky to be able to live together in a same big cage in the quarantine station. They can climb up to the roof of the building and view surroundings. We miss them a lot and are lucky to have Posh keeping us company until we fly to Sydney in Nov 30th.

From: Timo
Sent: Thursday, 21 November, 2002 8:58 PM

Hi All,
Two pictures of Posh

from today show his favourite actions here in Hougang HDB, ie. toilet and sleeping. He likes to spend time in toilet playing with water and watching water. His favourite sleeping place is in front of the bathroom door right next to his feeding place. Today he has been eating 3 times today. No vomiting today and his contribution to the litter box seems normal He has been quite silent, lazy like cats used to be. He has been sleeping and stretching himself, only a couple of greeting meows every now and then. He was purring when I bent to pat him.

From: “Timo” 
Sent: Saturday, 23 November, 2002 4:51 PM

First about the automimmune cat. Sorry to be late with this. She won’t need a place in mettacattery because a temporary home was found to him. That’s what our friend told us. After Dec 6th she’ll get a new permanent home in Nora’s place.

He is eating a couple of times a day, not much but something. He hasn’t been vomitting either. Yesterday and today he has got salmon with some cream and honey. He seems to like it very much. He eats also canned and dry cat food. Mostly he is just sleeping in his favourite place near the toilet door and feeding place. Often he doesn’t even bother to greet us or make any noise. Though he still looks a bit sick and sad. Really wish he won’t be in big pain. He’s a nice brave cat.

Last night we had a  little kitten staying with us. Posh was a bit nervous about her but wasn’t actually angry. In the morning we decided to release the kitten back to the street. That is a little kitten living in a parking lot near our house. In the evenings and nights she is going around and looking for her mother. We haven’t seen the mother there so maybe there’s no mother any more. It’s very small kitten left alone. Better to find home for it though it is a smart kitten, doesn’t let people to come too close and knows to avoid cars too and can find her food. There are some aunties feeding casts here. Later will post some pictures of her.

From: “Timo” 
Sent: Monday, 25 November, 2002 12:05 AM

We were bathing Posh and medicating the ear mite. There hasn’t been any dramatical changes in his condition today. If something then a little bit better again. He didn’t get stressed of bathing and he didn’t get too stressed about the little kitten being in the house. He has been eating again 3 times a day.
We managed to find home for the little kitten. About new home for Posh; unfortunately no new ideas.

27th November 2002: Posh returns to MettaCattery

From: Timo Sippala

Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 2:38 PM

Subject: Good bye Posh, our special friend

Posh, friend.. We were so saddened after hearing you are no more with us.

I don’t have much words.

The news about your death really touched, like losing a dear friend always does.

Just wish you didn’t have to suffer much during your last days and weeks in Mettacattery.

We saw you the first time a bit more than 6 months ago.

We had just sent our former street cats from Singapore to Australia.

They were tired and devastated in the quarantine station after the long flight and waiting in the airport.

But they made it. We telephoned the quarantine station asking how they are there far far away.

And you came to stay with us for a few days in the middle of all the packing and preparations to leave Singapore and follow our cats to Australia.

I remember you laying near the bathroom door and talking to us.

I remember the the wise and patient look in your eyes.

Were you in pain then? At least you didn’t show it but you were so brave.

It’s easy to love a cute little kitten with good health.

Did anyone say you are cute and sweet? Your look wasn’t something that could attract everyone but I am sure everyone that knew you and met you.

We all discovered that you are something special, not just another cat but a real personality, so brave and good-hearted and wise cat.

You really touched our life. I have the feeling you have thought me something very valuable.

I feel there was a meaning in your life.

And you were loved, indeed this is the best we can wish.

I keep looking at the pictures of you. One of them you can see below.

Remember the little kitten we took home from the car park.

She is now known as Patches and she is living in our friend’s house in Hougang.

Remember how I was bathing you both? You took it easy but the liitle one was so scared that she pretended to be dead for a minute making me really terrified.

Thanks, Posh, for being part of our life.

Cats and cat lovers were absolutely the best I saw in that country during my 9 months stay there.

I am happy all this happened. It really makes sense.

During the last weeks we have been hearing horrible news from Singapore.

How hundreds, if not thousands of cats there get murdered by the authorities.

We get so devastated thinking that many of our friend cats we met and relatives of our own cats, former Singaporean strays, have to end their days in such a horrific way.

It’s so unbelievable compared to life our cats here. They are loved and now they can walk free in the backyard and climb trees without fear of being culled.

Posh, mate, our warmest thoughts and love to you whereever you are now! We will remember you!

And our love and best wishes to all cats and cat lovers in Singapore.

Nancy and Timo plus Kitti and Lolitha cats and Bluey dog, the red heeler.

The story of  Kitti Sippala from Singapore

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