Teacher Tim - Private teacher of English and Finnish

Language skills for real life!

Teaching in Dong Thap province, Viet Nam, Lai Vung, Sa Dec.

I am a native speaker of Finnish. I also speak fluent English  and Russian.  I am a dual citizen of Finland and Australia. Now I am temporary resident of Vietnam because I am married to a local citizen. My residency will be renewed every 3 or 5 years as long as the conditions are met. 

 I moved to Australia in 2002 and since that have had English as my main language.   I have also lived in Singapore and Malaysia and have been teaching for the UNHCR there. 
I teach English and Finnish  in Vietnam also via Skype or Social Media.  
Most of my classes I have been teaching  as a volunteer together with local schools or charity organisations.  Now I only do paid teaching part time. 
My students are very enthusiastic and motivated, ordinary young people who want to make their life good and interesting. they like to meet foreigners, communicate, help and teach others. I am happy to help them with communication skills.  I also often give them information on life in other countries, check their job and scholarship applications, help to find whatever information they need. 

I see language as a mean of communication, interaction with other people, as an instrument in gaining goals that are important to us. We study for life, to improve our own life and also to help our community, our family, our country. 

These fifth and sixt grade students are from Myanmar. They belong to Chin people there. Also their language is called Chin and their home is Chin country.  They are very active, motivated and friendly. 

Location :Lai vung,  Đồng Tháp,   Viet Nam     
Email teachertim@sippala.com    

 Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TimTeaching/    

Olen äidinkieleltäni suomalainenю Olen  maailmankansalainen, joka on asunut ja vieraillut monessa maassa.  Nykyään oleskelen enimmäkseen Ukrainassa ja Vietnamissa. Tietysti käyn myös Suomessa vähintään kerran vuodessa. Opetan englantia ja suomea kouluissa sekä joskus myös internetissä Skypen välityksellä. 

Kesäkuusta 2017 lähtien asun Vietnamissa ja opetan siellä paikallisesti sekä myös Skypen kautta. 

Я - носитель финского языка.  Кроме финского языка,  я тоже знаю анголийский язык как второй родной. Я жил в Австралии более 12 лет всегда анлийский был мне нужен и на работе, например в отделении славянских языков хельсинкского университета. 

Я могу преподвать финский язык через Скайп или индивидуальо или группы  на месте.  Также английсский язык, особеено разговорная практика получается хорошо со мной. Я могу и вам рассказывать о жизны в Фниляндии. 

Tim Sippala,
Mar 31, 2017, 12:34 AM