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Nancy and Timo Sippala

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September 21st 2002 in Helsinki, Finland we became Nancy and Timo Sippala. Until that we were Ong Guek Ing from Singapore and Timo Hämäläinen from Finland.

This page is dedicated to our friends. Here we are telling our latest news and showing some pictures. Yes, the wedding pictures are still available. Please also note the menu of picture galleries on the left. It will be updated frequently.
  • July 2006 we bought our first house in Australia. Unlike we wanted it was not a little farm with plenty of room to animals but it was just a regular suburb house. We had to compromise because of work. But still dreaming of something that we had in woodstock.
  • May 2005 we moved to the tropical Cairns with our family (2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 ducks). Timo got his permanent residency and also a good job in Cairns. At first we moved to a rental house not far away from the city but are looking for a place to buy further in the bush.
  • January 2004 we moved to a more than 100 year-old cottage in the countryside 40 kilometers away from Townsville. Our new village is calledWoodstock. At the same time Timo finally got the permission to work and stay in Australia.
  • Since January 2003 we live in Townsville, a small town (big enough for us) in Northern Queensland, Australia.
  • We moved to Australia on Nov 30th 2002
  • We like cats
  • We have cats
  • We got married on September 21st 2002 in Helsinki Finland. In Singapore we celebrated on October 12th. See our Wedding Web Site
 In Finnish / Suomeksi
Me olemme suomalais-singaporelainen pariskunta. Tällä hetkellä (2003-2005) asumme Pohjois-Australian tropiikissa, ja sikäli kuin nyt voimme arvioida, tänne varmasti jäämmekin. Tämä meidän yhteinen sivumme on englanninkielinen. Suomeksi meistä löytyy juttuja ja kuvia ainakin Timon sivuilta mm. kirjeistä

Vaikka sivumme ovatkin julkisesti kaikkien nähtävillä, ovat ne silti etupäässä tarkoitetut sukulaisille ja ystäville Suomessa, Singaporessa ja muualla. Esitetyt asiat ja näkökulmat ovat siis hyvin henkilökohtaisia. Mitään sen kummempaa ei ole tarkoituskaan esittää.